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***New Business Model***
Starting August 1st, 2016 Safe Movers will be a 3rd party dispatcher. We are no longer the "moving company". What does that mean in terms of the service we provide? In terms of the ownership, management, and the movers itself, absolutely nothing. We only changed the structure of the business. The movers themselves are now all independent contractors vs. employees, but they are the same people that have provided 5 star rated Yelp service to the Bay Area now for over 5 years. This is exactly the same employee/contractor structure that popular ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft employ. 

Please include: Start Address, End Address, Access to your home, ex. Stairs/Slow Elevators/Long hallways/ etc. also include your contact number on all emails!

This is the fastest way to get a quote or reserve a slot.. We get over 100 request per day.
As soon as we get this information, we try to respond within 30 minutes.  Also reading the FAQ section will usually answer most initial questions that you might have. We want to provide you with the most information that can help you get your move done efficiently and economically.

A quote is an estimation based on what is normal for your type apartment with easy access.

Invoice is based on actual hours spent to get the job completed. Therefore, it is critical that you disclose everything about what you have and what the access is to the apartment home or building. These factors can dramatically change the amount of time required to complete the job.

We also provide packing and unpacking services giving you the option to have full service moving done while you relax.

Email us at with any questions.



551 West Grand Avenue, #22
Oakland, CA 94612

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We are a dispatch company based in the Oakland Ca.

We are familiar with all surrounding areas.
We service the entire Bay Area.
We have encountered just about every type of residential structures that challenge our creativity and effectiveness.
We are not a large Corporate Company whose goal is volume.  At Safe Movers we are dedicated to personalized service at a much more affordable price with, in our opinion, superior service.
We understand that during these difficult economic times it makes it all the difference in the world to ensure that you are getting value for the money that you are spending.
Large carriers can range from $150-$180/hour for 2 men and a moving truck.
We find that we are about 25% less expensive than other companies of our skill level. At times, the owners will be present for part of the job to make sure that our service is exactly the level of excellence that we have provided to date.
We provide additional perks and custom equipment that will make the job go quicker while simultaneously increasing the safety level for your belongings.
Isn’t that what you are looking for?  Allow us to handle your needs. We assure you that after the first time you use us, when the need arises in the future we will be the first company on your mind.

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